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Our Campground

At your expense: Telephone, Cable, or Satellite. A Dish must be placed on gravel and not the grassy areas.

Additional services: (per use)

Weedwacking, $15/site.

Dumping, $20.

Flushing black water tank, $30.

Moving RVs, $30.

Winterize RVs, $100 plus fluid.

Visitors $1. per day, per guest. Your guests may pay $5. per day to swim. Deposit in the box on the Office door.


Trash Dumpsters are located throughout the park. Please use trash bags and tie securely. Do not leave TVs, rugs, computers, lawn chairs, furniture, or other items. These will NOT be collected.


Pets must be on a leash at all times Clean up after your pet. Carry a baggie and dispose of waste properly. Do not permit your dog to bark continuously. Pets are not permitted in the playground area.

Water Our water is tested regularly. If you have questions, please ask the Campground Manager.

We do not lend Campground maintenance equipment. Only Campground staff may use our equipment. No exceptions.

Winter Sites - We have winterized sites. Please check with the Management for details.



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